Countenances of Culture


Rostros de la Cultura Colombia [Countenances of Colombian Culture], is a project of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia that presents a sample of the work and passion of millions of Colombians around culture and national arts.

Each ‘Face’ brings together a series of three photographs and testimonies that allow to explore the territory, intimacy, motivations and reality of its protagonists. Likewise, thanks to their stories it is evident that when people work together it is possible to build a prosperous, equitable and peaceful country.

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Develop an informative, accessible and very light site to publish 2 profiles of referents of Colombian culture per week until a total of 38 profiles are completed.


A website is created with a very precise design where the relevance of the photography is substantial. The circulation of the project was achieved thanks to a digital strategy in the main social networks of the Ministry of Culture under a common trend: #RostrosDeLaCulturaColombia.

At the same time, the strategy promoted stories on Instagram and Facebook, which narrated the after-scene of the photographic production of each person.

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June 26, 2021


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