Don Juanshow Circus


Acrobatics, contortionism, and juggling were practised before circus art became what we know today. From juggling in Bogotá, Colombia, to Global Village, the multicultural park of Dubai, in United Arab Emirates, Juan Carlos Garzón, the man behind ‘Don Juanshow Circus’ every afternoon takes the stage so that young and old can enter the magical circus world.


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The clown, Don Juanshow, added new performances to his circus routine and his old website did not reflect the conceptual nature of the new shows. So the main objective was to create a digital space that would host the classic performances and the newest in harmony.


A research and conceptualization stage began to refresh the brand. Then an exploration of general use cases, information architecture and wireframes to define the look & feel. Biographical and work information was classified in modules according to its relevance as a supplement to the content in images and videos.

UI kit




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June 22, 2021


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